The latest strategies for online marketing

Any e-commerce business won’t survive in the present competitive global world without
consistent customers purchasing products and services.
In other words, as an online merchant you need a marketing strategy.
So let's check out what Online Store Academy has got for you in store.
Show me the latest trends in online marketing!

Present your products on selling channels!

“With 40% of all online audiences purchasing products through product
comparison websites and other selling channels, online retailers without Multichannel Marketing
strategy are missing a big piece of cake.”

Says Edouard Ormancey from Twenga, one of the biggest product comparison websites in Europe

Go Multichannel

Multichannel marketing is all about presenting your products across ‘as many selling channels as possible’. In other words, instead of trying to bring the attention to your particular online store you take the advantage of well-established marketplaces, such as product and price comparison websites or affiliate networks.

Selling channels

Product Comparators – Affiliate Networks – Marketplaces – Social Channels – Google Ads – Chat Bots

Go Omnichannel

Omnichannel marketing focuses on the customer buying experience at the first place. Nowadays customers search for products and browse catalogs using smart phones or tables but place final orders using laptops or regular computers. Thus, omnichannel strategy aims to deliver smooth buying experience of the customer.


Customer Experience – Customer Expectations – Shopping Devices – Omnipresence

Go Cross-border

Cross-border selling is the latest trend in e-commerce, reflecting the globalized nature of today’s markets. Beside of employing the methods of multichannel marketing attention needs to be paid also to payment processing and product shipping strategies. Going cross-border can be still challenging but highly rewarding.


Cross-border Markets – Global Markets – Shipping Methods – Payment Methods – Taxation – Accounting

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