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There is more behind Online Store Academy than you might think.
OSA is a tool, a tool in its true meaning. It serves a purpose.
And the purpose is far beyond the world of e-commerce.
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What is Online Store Academy?

Online Store Academy (OSA) is a learning platform and a magazine dedicated to the latest technologies for e-commerce. Topics covered range from multichannel and omnichannel marketing, tips for expanding behind the borders and for global e-commerce to artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


To bring the light on the latest tools and marketing approaches for the world of e-commerce. To show how to engage new audiences and customers, how to sell on multiple channels, how to reach global marketplaces and how to increase conversion rates and revenues of your online store.

Behind the Scene

Expertise of Online Store Academy in the field of e-commerce comes from hands-on practice since the year 2009 when we started up an IT agency called NoStress Commerce delivering customized e-shops based on Magento platform. In 2013 we introduced Koongo, originally just a module for Magento built for the purposes of Feed and Affiliate Marketing. However, Koongo has evolved over the next couple of years into a powerful SaaS tool for Multichannel Marketing that has served over 5000 clients, mainly from Netherlands. Beside of Koongo, OSA builds on our extensive partner network in the area of online commerce.

However, OSA has a higher Purpose

There is more behind Online Store Academy than you might think. OSA is a tool serving a purpose far beyond the world of e-commerce. The purpose of OSA is to allow to drive other activities and to support projects in the areas such as sustainable development, marine conservation or social and environmental help in the developing world. Meaning that all revenues generated by OSA are credited to OSA’s partners such as NGO or charities. This way, OSA steps behind the borders of the virtual world and actually makes a change in the real world, in places and situations where help is needed.

Services & Packages

Online Store Academy has blended 9 years of experience in the field of online and digital marketing into three packages designed to kick up your online store – to bring you more customers and increase revenuesCheck it out!

Projects that OSA supports

Callisto Project

Callisto Project is a community project dedicated to marine environment, coastal communities and sustainable development. Callisto aims to put more light on how our profit-oriented society catalyzes changes in our environment that in turn have negative impact on small communities especially in coastal regions of the developing world.


Being a woman in Guatemala is not easy. Guatemala suffers from a brutal legacy of women’s rights abuses and sexual violence exacerbated by oppressive poverty and an appalling lack of social programs. Victims of domestic abuse and gang violence need your help. Pa’nibal is a private women’s home that offers safety, support and opportunity for women of every age: childhood, adolescence and adulthood.


Checomacoco is a NGO dedicated to providing support and help in a small rural community in Paraguay called Puerto Esperanza. The villagers are descendants of a family member of Checomacoco‘s founders who got there a hundred years ago. A truly compelling story.

People behind Online Store Academy



Editor in Chief

My expertise in the field of e-commerce comes from hands-on practice since the year 2009. In 2013 I started up Koongo, a SaaS tool for Multichannel Marketing that has served over 5000 clients, mainly from Netherlands. I was steering the project as CEO until 2016 when I exited the business. Online Store Academy is a natural continuation of my interest in the technologies for the world of e-commerce.




Come and join us! There are many ways how to work together.

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